Dani Replogle Staff Photo

Dani Replogle, J.D.

Staff Attorney

Danielle.Replogle [at] mitchellhamline.edu

Dani Replogle is a Staff Attorney for the Public Health Law Center, where she provides stakeholders with legal technical assistance on issues at the intersection of public health, climate change, and the environment. As part of the Public Health Law Center’s newly convened climate pilot program, Dani works with public health advocates, community groups, and other public interest organizations to promote policies that combat environmental injustice and increase equitable access to safe, healthy living spaces. Prior to joining the Public Health Law Center, Dani was the Senior Legal Fellow at Earthrise Law Center in Portland, Oregon. At Earthrise, she represented diverse environmental groups in federal litigation aimed at protecting forests, waterways, and wildlife across the country and around the world.

B.A., Duke University
J.D., Lewis & Clark Law School