Kelly McAnnany Staff Photo

Kelly McAnnany, J.D.

Co-Lead Senior Staff Attorney for New York Technical Assistance, Commercial Tobacco Control Programs

Kelly.McAnnany [at]

Kelly is a Senior Staff Attorney in the Commercial Tobacco Control Program. She provides legal technical assistance to public health organizations, legal professionals, and advocates in New York. Kelly is also a member of the Center's FDA project where she works with state, Tribal, and national public health experts to ensure the FDA enacts sound and equitable policies that protect public health.

Kelly's legal background is in civil and human rights law. She litigated international human rights cases in federal court for a year as a fellow at the Center for Constitutional Rights. Kelly spent nearly ten years practicing community lawyering at a non-profit civil rights law firm in New York City where she specialized in disability law, immigrant rights and racial justice. Prior to joining the Public Health Law Center, she served as executive director of a health advocacy organization dedicated to expanding access to health coverage and reducing health disparities in Minnesota. Kelly has substantial policy advocacy experience, particularly in the area of access to health.

B.A., Macalester College
J.D., Northeastern University School of Law