Willow Anderson Staff Photo

Willow Anderson, J.D.

Staff Attorney

Willow.Anderson [at] mitchellhamline.edu

Willow Najjar Anderson provides legal technical assistance nationally to support tobacco control policy.  As a part of the Center’s FDA project, she works with state, Tribal, and national public health experts to inform and encourage the FDA to enact sound and equitable policies for the protection of public health.

Willow is a former Assistant Attorney General having tried cases in almost every Minnesota County including successful lawsuits against insurance companies for the denial of mental health treatment to adolescents. In private practice, she represented injured railway workers in litigation that resulted in the release of industry documents covering up wrongful deaths and injuries.  Her international work has included trial skills training, interrogation, and persuasive advocacy in Botswana, Russia, the Republic of Georgia, and Turkey.  She is a Minnesota Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Qualified Neutral.

B.A., University of Minnesota, with honors, Student Representative to the Board of Regents

J.D., Mitchell Hamline School of Law, with honors, Presidential Leadership Award for Negotiations