Policies shape the spaces around us and how we move through our neighborhoods. The Public Health Law Center helps communities think about how land use, community planning, transportation planning, and green space policy can maximize opportunities for physical activity and better mobility for all.


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Local Plan Implementation Toolkit

This toolkit provides resources to support implementation of local plans that improve community health and create more equitable communities. It supports plan implementation efforts in towns, cities, and counties, and can be adapted to fit a wide range of communities. Created with the Minnesota Department of Health Statewide Health Improvement Partnership.

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    Going Beyond School Wellness Policies

    While student wellness is strongly influenced by the specific school wellness policies, many other policies and procedures also can make an impact. This guide identifies other school board policies, rules and regulations that should be analyzed as advocates update school wellness policies.

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    Rural Transportation: Unique Considerations

    This resource highlights challenges and opportunities facing rural transportation networks, focusing specifically on Kansas, and outlines opportunities for development and improvement.

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    Hunger Relief in Local Planning

    Local planning efforts can have a significant impact on access to affordable, healthy food by addressing connections between land use, natural resources, transportation, housing, solid waste, parks and open space, economic development, and other areas of physical development in a community.

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