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Minnesota Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing: Model Ordinance
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This 60-minute panel discussion features members of an Equitable Enforcement Advisory Committee who collaborated in a multi-year project to draft a new model ordinance for smoke-free multiunit housing. The group's primary goal was to prioritize residents’ perspectives and promote housing stability. While committee members agreed that an ordinance would protect residents from second- and thirdhand smoke exposure, they were also concerned about potential unintended consequences of ordinance enforcement, including resident displacement or eviction, housing insecurity, and unfair discriminatory enforcement practices and impacts. This multidisciplinary panel will explore key decision points and share important lessons learned as the group balanced residents’ different needs while shaping a model smoke-free multiunit housing ordinance.

Natasha Phelps, JD, Center for Black Health and Equity
Bridgett Simmons, JD, National Housing Law Project
Kara Skahen, MSW MPP, Association for Nonsmokers—Minnesota
Kate Ebert, MPH CHES, City of Bloomington

Marisa Katz, JD, Public Health Law Center