Webinar Slides
National Smoke-Free Multiunit Housing Model Ordinance

Public Health Law Center staff, Rachel Callanan and Marisa Katz, will provide a 45-minute overview of key elements of our recently released National Smoke-free Multiunit Housing Model Ordinance. This comprehensive model builds on the Center’s experience working on previous iterations of California and Minnesota models, years of experience in supporting communities and individuals with smoke-free housing policies, and an intensive three-year national stakeholder process described in our January 25, 2023 webinar.

Health equity requires that any policy that purports to protect health must address unintended negative effects that disproportionately harm Black, Indigenous, people of color, low-income, and other priority populations. This model ordinance was constructed with the aim of protecting the health of all residents, while not jeopardizing residents’ housing stability.

Rachel Callanan, JD, MNM, Lead Senior Staff Attorney for Minnesota Technical Assistance, Commercial Tobacco Control Programs
Marisa Katz, JD, Staff Attorney