Finding a year-round supply of fresh, local produce can be a challenge for communities across Kansas. Using season extension strategies to extend the growing season can help local farmers and gardeners provide a consistent supply of their crops beyond the traditional outdoor growing season. KC Healthy Kids and the Public Health Law Center are excited to announce the release of a new resource, Local Policy Options: Overcoming Barriers to Season Extension. The resource is designed to help gardeners and farmers in Kansas navigate local policy options to overcome barriers in season extension. The resource focuses on local Kansas zoning and building codes and how they can impact season extension activities and the use of growing structures in different Kansas communities.

This webinar complements the new resource, highlighting different season extension structures and technologies that are used to extend the growing season and local policy approaches that can support these activities in local communities. Season extension structures and technologies impacted by local policies include aquaponics and hydroponics; greenhouses and hoophouses; cold frames; and other options. The webinar will also include specific examples from Kansas to illustrate best practices in using local policy options to make the use of season extension more accessible to farmers and gardeners in Kansas.

This webinar has already occurred. Please use the resources below:

Webinar Slides [PDF]

Amanda Karls, Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
Tom Buller, Horticulture Agent, Douglas County Extension Office
Helen Schnoes, Food Systems Coordinator, Douglas County, Kansas

Ashley Jones-Wisner, State Policy Director, KC Healthy Kids
Mary Marrow, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center