Many U.S. tribal casinos that closed this year due to COVID-19 have reopened with new smoke-free indoor air policies. This webinar, a panelist discussion, will highlight the new Smoke-Free Tribal Casinos resource produced by the Public Health Law Center, the American Indian Cancer Foundation, and the American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Panelists will discuss the health and financial benefits of smoke-free casinos, describe important policy considerations, and share strategies for public health advocates to collaborate on these efforts. 


Smoke-Free Tribal Casinos: Talking Points and Policy Considerations (2020)
U.S. Smokefree Casinos and Gambling Facilities - American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation


Mike Freiberg, Senior Staff Attorney, Public Health Law Center
Chris Johnson, Prevention and Policy Manager, American Indian Cancer Foundation
Clinton Isham, Tribal Relations Consultant, American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation


Colin Welker, Policy Analyst, Public Health Law Center